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Terms of Use


This document is aimed at regulating  the use of the Website (hereinafter the “Site”). In compliance with Law 34/2002 of 11th July regarding e-commerce and information society services, we inform you that ZENIT GABINETE JURÍDICO Y TRIBUTARIO, S.L.P. (hereinafter ZENIT) is the owner of the Site, with Tax ID Code B60919826, and its registered office is at Carrer Comte d’Urgell no. 154 ent 6ª, 08036 Barcelona. We are at your disposal at our office and we may also be contacted via e-mail:    


The words "You" and "User" are used herein to refer to any individuals or organizations that may, for whatever reason, access the Site.


To visit you are not required to subscribe to or register with the site as a user.


The Site allows users to access contents and services related to ZENIT including music, images, forums, texts, information and other similar data, thus, before using the Site, you must accept this Legal Disclaimer.




ZENIT reserves the right to periodically amend this Legal Disclaimer (both with regard to the contents of the Site and terms of use), at its sole discretion and without prior notice but merely informing users in advance of the changes to be made, to adapt compliance with any new future legislation or applicable case law.  To this end, we recommend you to carefully read the Legal Disclaimer each time you access the Site, or any of its contents or services. Due to all the foregoing, ZENIT reserves the right to update, amend or delete the information contained therein, likewise Site configuration or appearance, at any given time and without prior notice. ZENIT disclaims any liability for the same. Should the user access the Site after amendment of the Legal Disclaimer, he/she is assumed to have accepted it.


In the event of any queries or controversy with respect to our Legal Disclaimer, you may contact us via e-mail at:  


ZENIT will not be liable for the misuse of the contents of this Site, only the person who accesses or uses them will be held duly liable.  The user accessing the Site does so at his/her own risk and it is his/her duty to comply with local rules, regulations and laws. ZENIT and any other organization involved in the creation, production or provision of this Site, will not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages that may arise from the access to, use or impossibility of using this Site (or any links therein) likewise for any mistakes or omissions in the contents thereof. Nor will they be liable for the misuse of the contents of this Site, but only the person who accesses or uses the same shall be held duly liable for it. They also disclaim any liability regarding information contained in third party Websites which may be accessed from the Site via links or search engines.



We also disclaim any liability regarding information contained in third party Websites which can be accessed from via links or search engines.


ZENIT does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the services provided to the user, thereby denying any liability for any damages that may arise due to the Site or its services being unreliable, unavailable or discontinuous. Nevertheless, it will try, as far as possible, to provide technical assistance for the person affected by the same, likewise to immediately try to solve this interruption offering the user alternative means where possible.


Intellectual property and Proper use of the contents


All intellectual property rights regarding the contents of this Site, its graphic design and source code, belong to ZENIT and only this company may benefit from the exploitation rights of the same. Thus, partial or total reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation is forbidden without the express authorization of ZENIT. All trade names, trademarks and any kind of sign contained in this Site are protected by law. They will consequently be considered intellectual property works protected by Spanish laws. Spanish and European Community regulations and the international treaties regarding this matter and signed by Spain are applicable.


ZENIT declares that industrial property rights (regarding  trademarks, trade names, contents, texts, images, sounds, videos, software, Website structure, graphics, icons, industrial drawings, design, information or animations) that appear in this Site belong to it and/or are legitimately exploited according to agreements or user licenses and are also duly protected by current Industrial Property regulations. The use or misuse of these registered trademarks or any other material, except those permitted in this Site, is expressly forbidden and may imply infringement of Intellectual Property Law and/or Trademark Law and/or Advertising Law and/or Unfair Competition Law and any other applicable regulations.


The rights over materials and contents belong exclusively to ZENIT or any third parties authorized by written agreement. The user must use the Site in a correct, diligent and lawful  manner and, furthermore, he/she undertakes not to:


  • Delete, avoid or make illicit use of "copyright", trademarks and any other details regarding the contents of the Site that identify the rights held by ZENIT or its owners. This must not be done with either technical protection devices or any information mechanisms the latter may have.

  • Use the contents and, more specifically, the information in obtained through its Site to send advertising, mailings for direct sales purposes or any other commercial purpose and non-requested messages addressed to a large number of people.

  • Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any public communication means and transform or amend the contents, unless authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights or when the foregoing is legally allowed.

  • In general terms, use the contents in any way, for any purpose or effect which is illegal, unethical or against generally accepted principles or public order. ZENIT does not grant any license or authorization of any kind for the use of its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other right related to the Site.

  • Any kind of transmission, distribution, storage, public communication, provision, reproduction, reverse engineering, loan or rental and any other public exploitation act related to this Site, its contents and the information contained therein is forbidden. Use of the Site by the user does not entail assignment of any ownership, right, license or interest over the intellectual property. Thus, while the user may use the contents for his/her own needs he/she must not exploit them, directly or indirectly, for commercial purposes.


To sum up, the user undertakes to use the Site, contents and services pursuant to law, this Legal Disclaimer, generally accepted principles and public order. Likewise, the user cannot use the Site, its contents or the services provided for illegal purposes or effects or against what is stated in this Legal Disclaimer, detrimental to the rights or interests of third parties, or that, in any way, may damage, render useless, make inaccessible or deteriorate the Site, its contents or services or make it difficult for others to use. In the same way, the user expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, render useless or damage electronic data, programmes or documents contained in the Site.


Procedure to be followed in the event of infringement of intellectual property rights: If any user or third party considers that any contents included in our Site infringe his/her intellectual property rights, he/she must send us a message to indicating complete accurate information of his/her personal details, his/her Website and the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed.


Links policy


ZENIT will not be liable for any contents or information contained in third party Websites the user may access through the links included in its Site. Likewise, it cannot guarantee technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of pages which it does not own and may be accessed through the aforementioned links.


ZENIT declares it has adopted all the necessary measures to prevent any damages that may be caused to the users of its Site due to browsing thereof. Consequently, ZENIT will under no circumstance be liable for possible damages the user may suffer due to him/her surfing the Internet.




As previously mentioned in the disclaimer section, ZENIT reserves the right to make any amendments it may deem appropriate, without any prior notice, to its Site - both regarding contents and the terms of use -.


Due to all the foregoing, ZENIT reserves the right to update, amend or delete the information contained in the Site, and the configuration or appearance of the latter, at any given time and without any prior notice. ZENIT disclaims any liability for the same.






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Personal data protection


Visiting does not require the user to submit any personal information. The personal information you provide us through the different forms, e-mails or any other means contained in the Site, will be included in a computer database pertaining to ZENIT where it will be kept protected and confidential. Under no circumstance shall it be used for other purposes nor shall it be provided to third parties without your consent pursuant personal data protection principles contained under Spanish law LOPD (Organic Law 15/99, of 13th December, concerning Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, to extend Regulation thereof). To comply with the different legal provisions, we have established different security levels to protect personal data provided. We have adopted all the technical measures available to prevent said personal data from being lost, misused, altered, accessed without authorization and used illicitly.


You can always exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation of the personal data provided to us. If you so wish, please do not hesitate to contact us, indicating the right you wish to exercise and enclosing a copy of your Identification Document, either by e-mail to: or correspondence to: ZENIT GABINETE JURÍDICO Y TRIBUTARIO, S.L.P., Carrer Comte d’Urgell no. 154 ent 6ª, 08036 Barcelona.




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