Tax Planning and Management.


Through tax planning you can reduce the taxes you have to pay since you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits envisaged in the current regulations and integrate them into your company´s tax planning process.

Current tax pressure pushes us to inexorably give more importance to tax management within a company; we integrate it into the rest of the basic management functions such as: financial, administrative, commercial and production functions.

As a Firm, we do not wish our work to be just momentary isolated advice due to a specific operation; we prefer to carry out on-going tax planning with our company clients.

Although we offer some general services to our clients (preparation and declaration of different taxes, tax and commercial proceedings, information circulars, tax schedule - both monthly and quarterly -, etc.), our aim is to customize our service to the utmost so as to adapt to our clients´ working and management needs.


These are some of the services we offer:


  • National and international company structures. Holding companies.

  • Tax planning for corporate bodies: Corporation Tax.

  • Advice on and preparation of tax returns (Corporate Tax, Income Tax, VAT, INTRASTAT, Business Tax, ...).

  • Tax planning regarding different taxes.

  • Analysis of compliance with tax liabilities, and detection, diagnosis and quantification of risks.

  • Protocols of the operations with parties concerned.

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