Our Team


Our best asset is our staff, which is made up of 20 professionals and clerical workers. All our staff are highly qualified in their corresponding area and are capable of adapting to our clients´ needs and legal situation at any time.


We have a very close and direct relationship with all our clients. We treat our clients how we would like to be treated. Our aim is to work with them on a basis of mutual trust.


Our Services


Our firm comprises different experts in: account auditing, finance, legal - tax advice, management support and consultancy services.


We believe our work must add value to our clients and help them anticipate events. To do so, we are close by when they make decisions and/or find solutions for any problem arising in these areas of expertise. We offer our knowledge, experience and advice continuously and whenever required.





Carrer Comte d'Urgell 154, entresuelo 6º

08036 Barcelona (Spain)

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@: info@zenitbcn.com

News and Blog



El BOE de 30 de diciembre, publica la Ley 36/2014, de 26 de diciembre, de presupuestos generales del Estado para 2015, de la que a continuación reseñamos sus aspectos más relevantes en materia tributaria y social



El pasado 24 de diciembre entró en vigor  la Ley 31/2014 de 3 de diciembre por la que se  modifica la Ley de Sociedades de Capital. La reforma  introduce novedades  significativas en las sociedades de capital e incide en los aspectos de buen gobierno, otorga mayor relevancia a la junta para adoptar decisiones, establece más responsabilidades a los administradores e impone un control sobre sus sueldos. Las juntas generales de accionistas ganan peso en las decisiones.

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