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Civil Law


The Civil and Procedural Law department gives advice on all types of civil matters. It gives advice on, takes part in and conducts all types of civil procedures, at any court and at any proceeding - judicial or arbitrational -.


The Civil and Procedural Law department covers in particular the following:


  • Contractual and extracontractual liability.

  • Damages.

  • Professional liability.

  • Financial liability.

  • Contracts for a specific project and Construction Law.

  • Insurances.

  • Urban and rural tenancies.

  • Horizontal property regime.

  • Proceedings dealing with the validity, enforcement and interpretation of contracts.

  • Proceedings dealing with terminating and cancelling contracts.

  • Breach of honour, privacy and image.

  • Inheritance and execution of wills.

  • Separations, divorces and nullities.

  • Marriage settlement.

  • Filiation and paternity.

  • Incapacitations.

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